The 7 Best Basketball Courts in New York – 2024

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There is nothing that New York doesn’t have, from fine restaurants to entertainers and art just to name a few. Additionally, the city is known for its unique style of basketball, which is found throughout the five main boroughs. 

For those unfamiliar with the basketball culture of New York, the local basketball courts in the city have played essential roles in shaping up the career of some of the most skillful pickup players to ever grace the courts. 

We have already covered the 7 best basketball courts in Windy City, now let’s look at the 7 best from New York City. From the Great Lawn in iconic Central Park to Rucker Park, here are some of the greatest basketball courts you should check out the next you are in New York. 

7. Sara D. Roosevelt Park 

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Located in E. Houston St. To Canal St. between Forsyth St. and Chrystie in Chinatown neighborhood, Sara D. Roosevelt Park offers a great place for people to play pick-up basketball regardless of their level of skills. Shaded and situated conveniently in the Lower East Side, this park features four hoops right next to several eateries from where you can grab some yummy Chinese grub to energize your body. Further, It is believed that NYU’s Quidditch team practices at these courts. 

Visit the official website to see the park schedules and announcements.

6. De Witt Clinton Park 

This basketball park offers two full-size courts that have recently been renovated including new classic paintings and Plexiglas backboards. De Witt Clinton Park is considered the best court in Midtown. It is also surrounded by vegetation as well as situated in quiet a sweet spot, which makes it pretty ideal for any baller to come over and get around of games of basketball after work. 

Check the park’s website for more information.

5. Happy Warrior Playground 

Located in the Upper West Side of New York City, this park comprises four mini-full basketball courts that are well-paved and have newly-netted baskets. But due to their state-of-the-art facilities, they tend to fill up pretty quickly. Also, the people who play in the park are usually skillful than average. 

So if you are up for it, get yourself a pair of basketball sneakers and come hang out with the best.

Visit the courts’ website for details.

4. East Harlem Cherry Tree Park 

East Harlem Cherry Tree Park Basketball Park is located in East Harlem. It was originally called George Washington Houses Playground of East Harlem, but the name was deemed too long and so it changed to just East Harlem Cherry Tree Park. The park is ideal for a family that likes to shoot some hoops. 

Check out its website here.

3. Columbus Park 

This basketball is located in Chinatown and is one of the best weekend spots for the locals. It is also one of New York’s first major urban parks and host events such as the Interpark Playground Basketball.  

The park usually shares information on its website, so check it out.

2. Holcombe Rucker Park 

HARLEM, NY - Friday, October 8, 2021 Greg Marius Court at Rucker Park in Harlem New York, NY for the NBPA.  NOTE TO USER: Mandatory Copyright Notice: Photo by Jon Lopez / IG: @jonlopez13

Another basketball court in Harlem, Holcombe Rucker Park boasts a remarkable list of notable basketball stars who have played on the courts. It also hosts Entertainers Basketball Classic, the number one street basketball tournament in the world. 

1. West 4th Street Courts

Though it has a smaller court compared to other basketball courts on this list, the park usually hosts the best of the best including Dr. J. 

Check the park’s website for information.

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