The 3 Best Basketball Courts In Tokyo, Japan

Japan is no rookie when it comes to the game of basketball. And to add, they have some of the most beautiful courts in Asia. Either you’re looking for a piece of home, or some exercise. Each courts will be a great spot to accomplish such.

Here are 3 of the best basketball courts in Tokyo, each with something unique to offer:

Yoyogi Park Basketball Court, Tokyo 

Yoyogi Park: Widely considered the mecca of basketball in Tokyo, Yoyogi Park boasts two outdoor courts with excellent facilities. Donated by Nike in 2005, the courts are well-maintained and have a vibrant atmosphere, attracting players of all skill levels. Be prepared for competition though, as the competition here can be fierce, with even professional players sometimes showing up for a game.

  • Pros: Excellent facilities, vibrant atmosphere, good for all skill levels
  • Cons: Can be crowded, competition can be intense

Komazawa Olympic Park Basketball Court, Tokyo 

Komazawa Olympic Park: Another great outdoor option, Komazawa Park offers a whopping eight basketball courts. This means you’re more likely to find a court available here compared to Yoyogi Park. The park also has a spacious and green environment, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the fresh air in between games.

  • Pros: Multiple courts, spacious and green environment, good chance of finding a court
  • Cons: Outdoor courts, may not have the same level of competition as Yoyogi Park

Hoop City, Tokyo

Hoop City:` If you’re looking for a unique basketball experience, Hoop City on the rooftop of the Shinjuku Alta shopping complex is the place to go. This half-sized court offers a fantastic view of the city and caters to 3×3 basketball, a variation of basketball that’s becoming increasingly popular. 

  • Pros: Unique rooftop location, great view of the city, caters to 3×3 basketball
  • Cons: Smaller court size, may not be suitable for traditional 5v5 games

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