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Dover Street Market Jordan 1’s | Oldies But Goodies

Continuing my web series which is devoted to some of my favorite products. These products, in my opinion, have been left in the shadows due to our consumption habits. The second product review will be – Dover Street Market Jordan 1’s.

In today’s age our consumer habits have left us unsatisfied – if you beg to differ, ask yourself, do you upgrade your iphone every year, or every two years? If the answer is yes, their is something fundamentally broken. Why do we find the need to upgrade or purchase new items year after year?

For me the answer is this – instant gratification. This will cripple your personal finances if not handled properly.

Ask any sneakerhead that is a part of the “culture” is to appreciate and collect rare and symbolic kicks. Some do it for the love and many collect for the status. Whatever your reason – buying and collecting kicks is very, very expensive.

My goal is to help keep at bay those consumption habits that cripple our finances. I would love to promote and create products with the sole intent of building better consumption habits. One way is teaching the importance of saving, as well as showing the power of value-based consumption. Additionally, these habits will ultimately help the pocket long term.  

Products reviewed in this series will be products of high quality – meant to add some sort of value to your personal life.

With that, the Dover Street Market Jordan 1 is an Oldie But Goodie. I’ve had a pair of these kicks for quite some time, and they’re bulletproof. The attention to detail as well as the craftsmanship is out of this world.

Dover Street Market Jordan 1’s: In-depth Review

Released in 2015, Comme des Garçons‘ own fashion retail and concept store, Dover Street Market, linked up with Jordan Brand to recreate the iconic and my personal favorite Air Jordan 1.

Enhanced with the utilization of a Midnight Navy-colored patent leather upper, coupled with a composition tweak, both add a slight iridescent treatment. Aka these kicks will change color when the light hits! Which in turn creates a more dynamic aesthetic to its clean, minimalist design.

The crisp and tonal hue is continued by waxed laces, as well as its outsole unit, while the overall palette is offset nicely with its white midsole.

Notable finishes include the Swoosh and Air Jordan Wings logo detailed across the side panels, screw-on aglets featuring the Jumpman logo, in addition to the insoles houses the DSM’s monochromatic logo.

Let me know some of your Oldies But Goodies in the comment section below.

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