5 Women Kicks I Wish Were Made for Men

For the longest time, the female sneakerhead market has been neglected or overlooked, despite the numerous complaints and efforts made by women to change it. Recently, however, the sneaker industry has responded to the female fans. 

Females are inadvertently associated with female hobbies, leaving them out of any male related hobby that would involve the use of sneakers. Hence, athletic brands would make top coveted sneakers in only men’s sizes, leaving women to purchase from the kid’s aisle. Huge athletic brands such as Nike are now catering to the female population with a variety of new releases and collaborations that boast of different colorways.

Part of this long-awaited change is thanks to the sports and fitness lifestyle that has taken over the American culture. Thanks to high- fashion runways featuring sneakers for women to Puma naming Rihanna as their new creative director. The sneaker industry was bound to change. Additionally, women’s form of dress has changed as women around the world adopt and adapt a more male form of dress. 

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The rise of athleisure and the casualization of the workplace have also played a part in encouraging top athletic brands to cater to women. Nike, among other top brands that have released sneakers to cater to the female population, is among the top companies leading the change. Below are the 7 kicks we wish were made for men!

1. Nike Air Max Dia

The beginning of 2018 marked one of the greatest events in the history of the sneaker industry after Nike launched iconic silhouettes for women everywhere. Among the many released by Nike, the Air Max Dia is considered among the best. Obviously tailored, designed and created by a team of women, the shoe boasts of translucent skin on its upper. This feature allows you to customize your shoes with your socks increasing versatility.  

Nike Air Max Dia
Photo Credit: Nike

2. Air Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Shattered Backboards

Inspired by the men’s Jordan’s released in 2015, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Shattered Backboards are unlike any other. Even more, they boast of satin interiors covered with durable full grain leather. The colorway screams female, while the subtle embroidered Swoosh and Wings logo adds authenticity and finesse.  

Nike Satin Jordan 1
Photo Credit: Nike

3. The Air Jordan 1 “Court Lux”

The Air Jordan 1 “Court Lux” is known for its vibrant and unique colorway. Its look is the result of a much-celebrated collaboration between two iconic women: basketball player Maya Moore and Stylist and model Aleali May. Each of their inspirations and influences shine from the design and look of the sneaker. The outer suede material of the Air Jordan 1 “Court Lux” is feminine both in feel and color. Its upper is topped off with a faux-fur tongue cover which is removable. 

The Air Jordan 1 "Court Lux"
Photo Credit: Nike

4. The Air Max 180 High “Ambush” 

The Air Max 180 high Ambush is arguably the most anticipated and loved sneaker silhouette since its release on April 26th of this year. The silhouette is a result of a Nike and Ambush, a Korean brand, collaboration. So far, they come in two colorways which include black and clean Pale Grey. Their high uppers cover the entire foot while its suede panels on the rear sides make for a comfortable shoe.  

The Air Max 180 High “Ambush”
Photo Credit: Hypebeast

5. The Jordan 1 “Panda”

The Jordan 1 “Panda” lives up to its name with its black and white colorway. The entire shoe is covered in black pony hair and white leather. Hence it’s monochrome color that standout and contrast each other. The Air Jordan badge on its lateral side and Nike Air tag on the tongue complete the look perfectly. 

The Jordan 1 "Panda"
Photo Credit: Nike

Noticeably, behind each shoe design and creation is a team of women with a shared love for sneakers. The end of 2018 saw collaboration between Kylie Jenner and Adidas, naming her as the official face of the brand. The famous Air Force 1 sneakers by Nike “Vogue”, a collaboration by Nike and Anna Winter. Who can be consider a Fashions Godsisters, were all sold out within a short time frame after their release.  

In conclusion ever since large brands decided to cater to the female sneakerheads, there has been a continued demand for sneakers. If the increasing production of different styles and designs are anything to go by, the sneakerhead culture is here to stay.

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