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The 7 Best Basketball Courts in Los Angeles – 2024

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Los Angeles has several reasons to claim the title of the basketball capital of the world. With no disrespect to Boston, Chicago, San Antonio, and Miami.

Los Angeles is probably the only city in the United States and worldwide with very rich basketball history.

Let’s engage with numbers to support this argument.

Los Angeles Lakers won 11 NBA World Championships, UCLA has 11 NCAA basketball titles, the best high school system that has been producing dozens of the game’s greatest players.

Plus, add in the pick-up basketball culture that has been featured in popular culture.

Moreover, the Los Angeles Athletic Club annually presents the iconic John R Wooden Award to the women and men college basketball Players of the Year. 

To put it all into protective, LA has some of the nicest basketball courts in the country. With solid pick up runs to add! All due to its rich basketball culture and history.

So let’s get started on the 6 best basketball courts in Los Angeles 

  1. Los Angeles Athletic Club
  2. Equinox – Sports `Center
  3. Pan Pacific Park
  4. Poinsettia Recreation Center
  5. Venice Beach
  6. Angles Gate Park
  7. Sliver Lake Basketball Court

Los Angeles Athletic Club

Los Angeles Athletic Club is located on 431 W 7th Street. It is a great basketball court that can allow you to play some game of basketball and make new friends in the process. The court also hosts a basketball conditioning class every Saturday that novices can horn their skills especially in footwork, dribbling, shooting, passing, and advanced handling of the ball. 

Fun Fact – Established in 1888, it’s one of the oldest athletic clubs in the country and has hosted historic events like the first-ever indoor tennis match played under electric lights.

Equinox – Sports Center

Equinox – Sports Center

This venue is famous for helping ballers get a good workout. With a full-scale basketball court, visitors can play basketball at their own rate whether they are beginners or long-time hoop junkies. The venue also features pickup games in case you can’t find a partner to go up against. You can also enjoy a wide range of sports amenities including pool, weights, Pilate, and a spa.

Fun Fact – Offers a luxurious basketball experience with high-quality facilities, including multiple courts, open gym hours, and personal training options. It was also once the filming location for the popular TV show “Entourage.”

Pan Pacific Park 

Pan Pacific Park 

This basketball park tends to attract some Hollywood elites after finish shooting a movie. It has sprawling premises that features everything including jogging tracks, dog park, and soccer fields. 

Fun Fact – Built where the Pan Pacific Auditorium once stood, hosting legendary performers like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The park’s distinctive art deco features pay homage to the auditorium’s architectural style.

Poinsettia Recreation Center 

At this basketball court, pickup basketball is the order of the day. The outpost attracts all sorts of players including the old-time regulars and showbiz. There are usually basketball games battles at the court that begins at sunset until the losing team decides to quit. Poinsettia Recreation Center also tends to attract spectators who come to witness as the battles play out.

Fun Fact – Hosts various basketball leagues and tournaments throughout the year. Interestingly, the center was once a dairy farm and later served as a US Navy missile assembly facility during World War II.

Venice Beach

Venice beach, defiantly a court to visit. It has everything you need, solid runs, next to a beach, great food. I mean, you can spend an entire day at this court.

Do me a favor, go to this beach…get a solid run, or watch. Then hit the beach and enjoy the sunset. Thank me later!

Fun Fact – The iconic Venice Beach Basketball Courts have been featured in numerous movies and TV shows, including “White Men Can’t Jump” and “Baywatch.” This location is also a popular spot for skateboarding and street performers.

Angles Gate Park

Angles Gate Park, in my opinion, my be one of the best court in the world – I really mean that. Stare at the below photo, tell me thats isn’t beautiful. It gets better, but you have to wait until the sun set to believe me. If you are in Los Angeles, this court is a must see.

Offers breathtaking ocean views and a relaxed atmosphere. The park was formerly a military reservation, serving as a Nike missile launch site during the Cold War.

Sliver Lake Basketball Courts

Known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse group of players, attracting all skill levels. The court is also a popular filming location, having been featured in movies like “He Got Game” and “Friday Night Lights.”

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