5 Iconic 90’s Sportswear Looks You Can Still Rock Today

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The 90s wasn’t just about grunge fashion and slap bracelets. It was also a decade that redefined sportswear and its place in everyday style. From rocking tracksuits to pairing sneakers with skirts, here are 5 iconic 90’s sportswear looks that are still wearable even today:

The Tracksuit Gets a Glow Up

Gone were the days of relegating tracksuits to the gym. The 90’s saw the rise of the tracksuit as a fashion statement. Iconic brands like Champion, Fila, and Adidas became streetwear staples, thanks in part to celebrities like Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez sporting them everywhere.

One of my favorite looks today is rocking a track jacket with a nice pair of jeans.

Color Crazy

The 90’s embraced boldness in everything, and sportswear was no exception. Color-blocked windbreakers, neon leggings, and patterned bike shorts became must-have items.

Today we see brands like Stussy, Dime and the like all put their stamp on 90’s windbreakers.

Sporty Spice

90’s sportswear influence went beyond just pants. The 90’s saw the rise of sporty dresses made from comfortable jersey materials, and the ever-stylish pairing of A-line mini skirts with sneakers.

The Real Spice Behind Sporty Spice: Melanie Chisholm, best known as Mel C or Sporty Spice, is the artist who embodied the sporty aesthetic in the Spice Girls. Her athletic background and tomboyish style made her a perfect fit for the persona.

Athleisure Takes Off

The term “athleisure” might seem new, but the 90s were all about it. Clothes like biker shorts, crop tops, and leggings transcended the gym and became everyday wear.

Grunge & Hip-Hop Get Sporty

Grunge and hip-hop fashion of the 90s heavily borrowed from sportswear. Oversized jerseys, baggy sweatpants, and chunky sneakers became signature looks of these music genres.

So next time you’re putting together an outfit, take a cue from the 90s. Mix and match these iconic sportswear pieces to create a look that’s both stylish and comfortable.

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