My 10 Commandments for Personal Growth in 2023

I value personal growth above all else, without a consistent mindset for advancement, what I’ve been able to achieve doesn’t exist. Utilizing my 10 Commandments for Personal Growth is what keeps me in the right mind set.

Look, I’ve dealt with adversity for the better half for 2022 causing some pain. But with pain, comes reflection. What came from that reflection was staying focused, rising too to the occasion. Being tenacious as well as staying poised. I personally was only able to accomplish such by following these 10 Commandments.

They’ve truly helped me in a time of need, so their’s no doubt you receive the same benefits.

Thou Shall Not Sleep In

Waking up early isn’t a new concept. In fact, virtually every single successful person you’ve heard about has given praise to the morning. We living in a busy world, and most find it hard to find the time to get things done. Therefore, waking up early is a great solution.

So let’s get into the meat and potatoes of what not sleeping in looks like.

a. get up an hour early.

This is a low hanging fruit habit, this shouldn’t be a hard task to accomplish. Waking up an hour early gives you an extra hour to spend with yourself. As well as more time get make sh*t happen. Waking you an hour early is useless if you roll over and sit on your phone for an hour.

b. establish a morning ritual

Setting morning rituals will give purpose to your mornings as well as something to look forward towards. These can be reading 10 pages in a book, a skin care routine or even a morning workout.

C. practice gratitude.

Their’s a lot we can complain about, even more to be upset about. The world is unfair and its brutal to the majority. But, so what… you can only control what you can control and thats your attitude and perspective on life and the world you live in. Practicing graduate will no doubt help you adjust your perspective on the day ahead.

2. Thou shall drink water.

Drinking water first thing in the am help kick start this through the day. Also, by carrying a reusable water bottle around all day will also help with water consumption.

3. Thou shall move thy body (exercise).

If you wanna improve, you gotta move! it’s as simple as that. Focusing on fitness with benefit you in so many ways, excluding the physical.

4. Thou shall not fear failure.

Listen, fuck it up and figure it out. Get that tatted on your forehead (just joking). But put it on you mirror. “Failure” is a social constructed used to keep you in your place. If you want to better yourself, the only thing you should fear is not trying. No pain, no reflection, no gain.

5. Thou shall plan

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Every Sunday, or during your morning rituals. Creating a habit to plan for your day will ultimately benefit you in several ways. Each day you’ll know what matters and what doesn’t. Life/business tasks that are more important than others and

6. Thou shall choose community wisely.

Who you surround yourself with matters. If you want to accomplish more in life, you want to surround yourself with individuals who want the same. Being around complacent folks will only make you complacent. Get around folks who you aspire to be or folks that are staving for the same.

7. Thou shall get it done, rain or shine.

Rain or shine what needs to get done, has to get done. When motivation is there, we need to rely on habit. Which is the whole point of the 10 Commandments. Helping us get through the highs and the lows with planing and strategy.

8. Thou shall believe “I am not my thoughts”.

We as humans think way too much. For some of us we spend the majority of our day in our head. It’s only natural we will encounter a few negative thoughts. But what has always kept me grounded is believing in the fact that what ever emotion arises from a negative thought, does not make me who I am. It’s just a thought, and the too shall pass.

9. Thou shall have a growth mindset.

Choose to grow, above all else. It’s that simple. CHOSE TO GROW ABOVE ALL ELSE.

10. Thou shall not use excuses.

No excuse, just produce!

Growing, learning and changing is tough. It’s not made for the faint of heart. It requires time and effort and sometimes pain. Making excuses, right or wrong will only hurt you in the short and longterm. Excuses don’t help you, they only keep you from becoming the character you desire.

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