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SaintWoods originated from two neighborhoods, Saint Clair and Oakwood. This is the place where their friendship was nurtured.

SaintWoods is an established brand, a fresh take on Canada streetwear and party scene. All starting from a blog that eventually progressed into a prevalent site. Promoting events and blog promoting kickbacks, parties and everything in between. Now with a serious cult following – Saintwood is an ultimate regime brand.

Furthermore – Saintwood incorporated creative agency, culture, peddling arts, music, and fashion designing in their municipality in a single platform. In addition, the brand successfully catered to what its customers required. Now, consistently pumping collections of high fashion streetwear, accessories and other goodies for its consumers.

Saintwoods Vodka
Saintwoods Vodka

Entrepreneural Mindset

Montreal entrepreneurs Nathan Gannage and Zach Macklovitch, the owners of SaintWoods, an Event promotion and artist management organization. Above all, now offer a whole new way of taste-making.

There is no limit for these homegrown heroes as they have worked with famous artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, to renowned clothing brands likes Places + Faces, Nike, Opening Ceramony and so many others

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From their previous, current and upcoming work, it is clear that they have an impact on the streetwear principles and they are providing people with an ultimatum standard of living.

But what kind of lifestyle do Zach and Nathan prefer to have? As said by them in an interview that they never say no to checking something out. They are often looking to find what’s next. Whether its fashion or music, they are always looking for something new and exciting which is inspiring and drives the forces in you.


By stepping out of their comfort zone, they always try to learn something new and provide people with astonishing outputs. 

SaintWoods has come up with a vast variety of high fashion products for men, women, kids. Furthermore, this will include clothing, shoes, and accessories from their own collection, and other collaborations.

The collective produces its own zine as well. It ties everything under one roof: The agency’s work with its customers updates them about how the zine should look. The initial clothing consists of six pieces: a long-sleeve tee, short-sleeve tees, a hat, hoodie, and hotel slippers, all adorned with awfully miniature SaintWoods logos among other symbols.  

You can also buy one for yourself from SaintWoods if you want to have a great weekend else, if you’re in Montreal, at Off The Hook.

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