Haute Couture – The New Gold Standard

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Why Haute Couture will become The New Gold Standard.

Haute Couture aka “High Fashion” aka, “make sure them pockets is deep” (term for – need lots of money) will soon become come the new standard for creating clothes, If not already.

Giorgio Armani ~ 90s Collection

As “Streetwear” and or “Street Fashion” has dominated pop culture as the “new cool”, setting an example of how to dress properly. Giving a magnitude of brands the ability and confidence to screen print t-shirts and create very successful brands with little to no fashion schooling.

Some of us now need brands to define who we are rather than the values we seek.


However, in my observations with culture, I believe as this group of millennials age and become slightly educated on the importance of cut and sew and the process of garment design. Alongside a little bit of taste. In turn, will demand more from a garment – for its style, cultural significance, environmental impact, and most importantly functionality.

Wearing named brands isn’t your only requirement to fit in, but, some of us now need name brands to define who we are rather than the values we seek. Not to call anyone out, just wanted to highlight the thought process.  

What is Haute Couture?

Wikipedia states, Haute Couture is the creation of exclusive custom-fitting clothing. High-end fashion is another word to describe haute couture.

This design method constructs a garment by hand from start to finish, furthermore, products are being made from high-quality, expensive, often experimental fabric and sewn with extensive attention to detail.   

After that, this process is capped off by the most experienced and professional sewers you can imagine. Often using time-consuming, hand executed techniques. Hence why couture means “dressmaking”.

Louis V Virgil Abloh

Louis Vuitton SS 18

Moreover, the tipping point will be consumers pivoting toward quality products. Consumers will demand more from the money spent on products.

In conclusion, with the increased expectation from clothing, young consumers will applaud brands with increased quality. Increasing brands chances for word of mouth recommendations. No matter how you slice the pie, brands will need to focus on the quality of their products. Rather than how well your marketing campaigns convert.

“Building brand equity will be established based on how well your garment is made”.


Building brand equity will be established based on how well your garment is made, this will be the deciding factor on how successful your brand becomes.

Let me know how you feel. Do you agree? Or do you think screen printing blanks will continue to see success?

Peace and Love.

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