Serena Williams – Our Biggest Triple Threat

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Throughout her career, Serena Williams has ranked no. 1 in women’s singles tennis and held this position on six separate occasions.

At 37 years old, she is not only the reigning champion of the U.S Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. But also in the Australian Open, WTA Tour Championships as well as the Olympic women’s singles and doubles. Making Serena Williams one of the best athletes of all time aka the goat!!

The Biggest Triple Threat

Being born and raised in the slums of Los Angeles, Serena life could’ve taken a different path in life. Easily becoming a statistic that befalls many African Americans of low-income families.

However, she chose to change her narrative and began playing tennis at a young age. Today, Serena is regarded as one of the greatest tennis players ever to play the game.

Serena Williams has gone on to win 72 singles titles, including 23 grand slams, as well as 23 doubles titles, four gold medals in three Olympic Games. Simply because she works hard on and off court and does not let anything get in the way of success.

As a woman, Serena is definitely a Triple Threat, she shows a lot of female power. A lady who is not only a successful player but also a great businesswoman and mother first.

Serena and Olympia

After she won the Australian Open in 2017, Serena retired for a year. Giving birth and taking care of her daughter Olympia Ohanian Jr.

Upon her arrival back to tennis, Serena managed to make her way to the finals at Wimbledon and the US Open. Serena Williams is a family woman, proving the fact that being a mother should not be an obstacle.

Achieving your goals, and raising a child is very possible. Even after facing major health complications that came with giving birth. She continued to win match after match, against the worlds greatest younger players.

Tennis Career and Accomplishments

Born Serena Jameka Williams on September 26, 1981, in Michigan. Her father began training her and sister (Venus) tennis at home age 3 when the family moved to California.

Serena and Venus

Serena became a professional tennis player when she was just 14 years old. Receiving tones of attention from the press due to her talent.

Williams went ahead to win her first match at a Grand Slam competition in 1998. Defeateding Romania native Irina Spirlea during the Australian Open.

Serena also became the second African-American woman to win a Grand Slam singles tournament in 1999. After she won the U.S Open including the doubles title the same exact year.

2002 was a turning point for Williams as she earned the number one ranking title in the world. Beating her sister in singles, winning at Wimbledon then won the Grand Slam at the Australian Open.

In total, Serena has won 21 Grand Slam singles titles, reaching her 23rd when she won at Wimbledon in 2017. By matching then surpassing the record set by Steffi Graf at the Tennis Open.

Her attempt to win her 24th Grand Slam was unfortunately thwarted. She was beaten by Simona Halep during the finals in the Wimbledon women’s singles tournament.

The Business Woman

According to the Business Insider magazine, as of May 2019, Serena Williams’ net worth is $180 million. To date, she has numerous endorsements from major companies such as Delta Airlines, Pepsi, Tempur-Pedic, Nike, Intel, Beats by Dre, Gatorade, JP Morgan Chase, and more.

So, what and how does she invest all that money? Williams has developed her own Aneres line of clothing, and she is co-owner of the Miami Dolphins.

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In addition to making numerous TV appearances as well as lending her voice to shows such as The Simpsons. Serena has been named one of the country’s 50 Most Inspiring African Americans by Essence Magazine, why? She founded the Serena Williams Foundation that builds schools and provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged children around the world.

The Style Icon

Serena Williams continues to be among the best-dressed players on the tennis circuit since 1998. Thanks to a collaboration with Virgil Abloh, Serena launched a new Athleisure clothing line, with pieces that are created with a curvier body in mind designed to encourage women to express their creativity and individuality.

It features a white tailored sports dress replete with racing stripes, a comfy gray/pink cropped sweatshirt, and sweatpants.

Other pieces include a black one-shoulder tutu dress with Nike’s logo and Abloh’s signature graphic. There’s also an off-court Abloh-inspired Williams’s dress jacket. Customized NikeCourt Flare sneakers, bomber jacket, dress, tulle bag, and footwear are included in the dynamic Nike, Virgil Ablohs and Queen Serena collaborative offering.

Serena Williams has undoubtedly redefined how tennis players, as well as women around the world, should behave and dress. Can you remember her winning at the French Open in a sleek black Catsuit outfit or when she took to the Wimbledon court in a trench coat?

Who would’ve thought a “Black Panther-inspired outfit would be all the rage, but when you think about it, Serena is all about influencing women and motivating them to embrace their femininity.

Serena – Cat Women

Williams has produced clothing that shows off strong, sexy, sophisticated body shapes that make women feel like warrior princesses.

Whether as a tennis player, a mother, a savvy businesswoman, a person who stands up for the rights of others. Serena is a true inspiration, not only to women but also to men who can dare take a chapter from her book. There is no stopping Serena Williams; we can only wish her the very best, sit back and witness history.

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