Dahntay Jones
Dahntay Jones

Dahntay Jones – The Revolution of Pearl Homes

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After 25 years of a successful basketball career consisting of stints on eight different teams, Dahntay Jones has undoubtedly been a huge part in NBA history.

His experience in the NBA world paved the way for his career as an analyst for both FOX Sports and NBA TV. With a 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers championship under his belt and an enviable network, everybody saw his success coming from a mile away.

Dahntay Jones at Duke
Dahntay Jones at Duke

As a basketball player, he was able to travel to various destinations and reside in different locations such as the Midwest and the West Coast.

This exposure to various communities and people allowed him to note a niche that would help serve the needs of others. 

This exposure would later lead to the development of a company that has changed the face of real- estate forever.  

Enter, Pearl Homes, a company that uses LEED-certified residential development to create sustainable smart homes for the larger community.

Currently, Dahntay Jones holds the title of Managing Partner and Vice President at Pearl Homes.

Other than the exposure that comes from his vast travels as a basketball player, other factors facilitated his passion for an early career in real estate. 

Pearl Homes

The Cross Over

The first was his decision to join the “Cross over into business”. This program is offered by Professor Anita Elberse at the Harvard Business School.

This program acted as the foundation, guiding his direction into real estate. The second, was when he met the man who would change his real- estate endeavors; Marshall Gobuty.

Marshall Gobuty, a real estate developer based in Sarasota, approached Dahntay with a concept. The concept was based on building homes that are eco-friendly, solar-powered and LEED Platinum-certified.

Dahntay took it a step further by adding another concept based on using the latest technology from Google and Nest to create smart-homes. 

A year later, Pearl Homes was born. Its first home being a 600-square foot space equipped with all the gadgets to make it a smart-home.

Pearl Homes hope to open its first development known as the Hunter Point Pearl Homes and Marina, in Cortez, Florida. The company doesn’t aim to stop there as it also hopes to build 1,100 homes and more after very soon. 

Google/Nest Smart Home

With factors such as the need for housing and the efficiency of the company in building homes. Dahntay Jones perceives accelorated growth for the company.

The promise of success that the company holds has attracted a number of developers as well as some of Dahntay’s NBA friends.

Thanks to his love for basketball, the desire to help others and to give back to the community. Dahntay Jones would love to own his own NBA team one day. But first, building a community-backed by Pearl Homes in Trenton.

However, currently, he seeks to provide zero- energy rated homes. That are affordable and secure to the community on a nationwide scale. 

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