Am I an Athlete?

By far the most interesting question you could ask…can I pop, lock & drop it?

Corny joke aside – am I an athlete?

Most people may think an athlete is someone who plays sports. Some may think it’s those who have God given athletic abilities.

I say that, to say this – what is an athlete?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines an athlete as

“a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.”

But that definition is broad (for good reason).

An athlete can be talented in many sports at different ages and performance levels. Physical exercise can refer to any organized sports, personal workouts, or performance training. By this definition, almost everyone who does some type of physical activity can be considered an athlete.

So if you missed the point – if you can walk and talk. You’re basically an athlete.

But, before you dip, lets go a bit deeper.

The reason you’re consider an athlete has nothing to do with your physical gifts, age, performance, competition level or manifestations.

Imma explain why, right now! Stick with me!

Age cannot define an athlete – While physical attributes often peak in youth, age alone doesn’t define an athlete.

Dedication, experience, and strategic adaptation can compensate for natural decline.

Many athletes, like marathoners or swimmers, excel later in life, proving age is just a number.

Athletes are not defined by their ability

An athlete’s worth goes beyond physical talent. While ability plays a role, it’s the qualities behind it that define them.

Discipline, perseverance, and sportsmanship are crucial.

Additionally, these attributes shape not only their skills, but also their character, making them more than just players.

An athlete who embodies these qualities, even with limited abilities, deserves just as much respect as one with exceptional talent.

Mindset on Jordan, game like Scalabrini

Bringing me to my next topic!

Performance does not make an athlete – Victories and trophies are not the sole measure of an athlete. While performance matters, it doesn’t capture the full picture. Grit, resilience, and the ability to overcome setbacks define an athlete’s spirit.

Am I an athlete

The Four Pillars of an Athlete

Being an athlete goes beyond physical capabilities and trophies. While physical movement is an essential component, true athletes are defined by a unique blend of mental and emotional attributes:

  1. Imagination: Athletes are driven by a powerful mind. They use visualization to fuel their training and self-talk to bolster their spirit. This positive self-belief helps them push their limits and achieve their athletic goals.
  2. Determination: True athletes exhibit unwavering determination. They are relentless in their pursuit of improvement, willing to practice repeatedly even if progress feels slow. This dedication helps them overcome challenges and reach their full potential, regardless of age or initial ability level.
  3. Perseverance: Overcoming obstacles is a defining characteristic of an athlete. They exhibit perseverance, the ability to push through doubt and setbacks. This relentless spirit, exemplified by figures like Buster Douglas, allows them to achieve the seemingly impossible and inspire others with their unwavering commitment.
  4. Physical Movement: While not the sole defining factor, physical activity is an essential component of being an athlete. This can encompass competitive sports, solo endeavors like backpacking, or any activity that involves physical exertion.

These four pillars, working in tandem, create the complete picture of an athlete. It’s the combination of a strong mind, determination, and the will to persevere, coupled with physical activity, that truly defines who an athlete is.

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