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Martine Rose – Designer Review

Martine Rose, a quiet sleeper. In my opinion, she’s been on her game for quite some time. Collection after collection has been on point. There hasn’t been one collection to date that was a complete pass. But, with the irrational exuberance in fashion and design, we see some designers get overlooked. Now replaced with new, up and coming designers hyped by social media other other internet outlets. Which motivated me to write this article, going through Martine Rose most iconic and desirable collections.

Martine Rose Napa

Martine Rose, South London born fashion designer raised up by a nurse mother and an accountant father. Spent her childhood in the subcultures of south London that included rave and reggae extracts of the 1990s. Allowing her to interact with different communities. Furthermore, Rose, living her best life at the age of 13 while going to clubs such as Twice as Nice, Velvet Room and world Dance. She even had her 14th birthday celebration at a banned club known as Strawberry Sunday in Vauxhall.

Rose graduated from Middlesex University in 2002 following which, she launched her first ever brand LMNOP in collaboration with Tamara Rothstein. Lasting just over 3 years, Rose then started her own brand in 2005 as males’ shirting brand. She received initial support from Fashion East during her early stages of brand creation. She also received funding from British Fashion Council in NEWGEN MEN awards. Her self-titled label has developed as a trendy design for menswear since 2007. Rose is best known for her exceptional style of showcasing her unique collections. She expanded her brand from single garment category of shirting to typical men’s staple that goes over with men’s clothing at all stages. 

Martine Rose Napa


Rose’s Jamaican heritage assisted her in implanting the philosophy of DO IT YOURSELF. Her sister Michelle turned out to be a contact point with fashion designers while her cousin, Darren introduced her to various subcultures of London that have had the greatest influences on her most admired collections. He also introduced her to British brands of the ’90s i.e. JOE BLOGGS, and BOY LONDON.

Martine Rose Napa


Rose not only gained popularity in the early years, but she also gained a lot more support from well-settled brands such as Timberland and CAT, and now Nike.

Let’s take a peek at her Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Martine Rose in her bag – this is where spectators begin to take notice.

Martine Rose

Let’s not forget, Rose’s winter collection 2013, “beer mat” was unique in so many ways! Only three models carried twenty-five looks. All by completing turns positioned on a runway-mounted turntable, very impressive.


I hope with the information provided in this post we begin to understand the importance Martine Rose has on Culture and on Fashion.